Faculty News

Presentation about the UNDP Sustainable Tourism Projects in Jordan

A presentation about the United Nations Development Programme's sustainable tourism projects in Jordan was held at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management. The projects were conducted in Petra, wadi Rum, and Dibeen nature reserve. The presenter Mr. MajedHasasnat; national project manager at the UNDP, discussed the main strengths, challenges, and potentials of sustainability and tourism products in some eco-sites in Jordan. The presentation was followed by questions and discussions.

The Global Code of Ethics Week for the Second Semester 2016-2017

As previously agreed by the Department of Tourism and Travel staff,a few minutes in each lecture for a weekduring the first month of the second semester 2016-2017 were allocated to discuss with students the ten articles of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. The activity aims at creating a culture for the department students during the study and their work in the future.

A lecture about the air transport sector and its relationship with the tourism industry.

From the keenness of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management to qualify their graduates for the labor market, the Department of Travel and Tourism hosted yesterday Mr. Mohammed Apesh , Aviation Solutions Manager at the regional office of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in the Middle East and North Africa, which is based in the capital Amman, to give a lecture about "the air transport sector and its relationship with the tourism industry”. At the beginning of the...

Scholarships for students in Germany

Department of International Relations and Projects announces the availability of scholarships for students in Yarmouk University to study in Germany - the state of North Rhine-Westphalia :