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The College of Tourism and Hotels participates in Jarash First Tourist Marathon

The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels participated in Jarash First Tourist Marathon in the archaeological city of Jerash, which was organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in cooperation with the University of Jordan, which included three Jordanian universities, i.e. University of Jordan, Yarmouk and the Hashemite University. The college was represented by a delegation of students from the Departments of Travel and Tourism and Hotel Management headed by Dr. Salem Harahsheh with the participation of Dr. Saad Al-Saad and Mr. Ahmad Amawi.

The aim of this marathon is to involve educational institutions, including universities, in tourism awareness, promoting internal tourism, preserving our tourist and archaeological sites, and networking between the governmental tourism bodies and universities as educational arms that focus on developing the individual to belong to Jordan and loyalty to his wise leadership.

The marathon was patronized by Prof. Azmi Mahafaza, President of the University of Jordan with the participation of the Governor of Jarash, Dr. Raed Al-Adwan, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Issa Qammouh and the Director of Tourism Jerash Dr. Bassam Tubat and Mayor of Jarash Dr. Ali Qogaza. The starting point of the marathon was the Hadrian Arch, which included the Nymphaeum, the Southern Gate, the Oval Plaza, the Temple of Zeus, the Southern Amphitheatre, the Western Churches, the Artemis Temple, the NorthernAmphitheatre, the Street of Columns, the Oval Plaza and ended at the Visitor Centre.

Winners of the marathon are: in the first place, males: Momen Momani from the Department of Travel and Tourism and Saleh Al-Qar’anfrom the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology; first place, females: Maryam Ajlouni from the Department of Travel and Tourism and Al-Selwadi from the Hashemite University. Second place: Osama Faza’ from the Department of Travel and Tourism and Mo’nesBataineh of the Faculty of Archaeology at the University and Obeidatfrom the University of Jordan. At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Mohafazahhonored the students with medal and honored the representatives of the universities with shields.

Dr. Harahsheh emphasised that:‘We are proud of the position achieved by the college students by winning the marathon, which enhances the spirit of persistence and challenge to achieve the best triumph and boost sport tourism in addition to developing the spirit of belonging and loyalty and the role of the students in tourism awareness of our tourist and archaeological sites from tampering, sabotage and distortion.


 Friday, 24/11/2017