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The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels participates in the course ‘Friends of Tourism’


Dr. Salem Harhasheh from the Department of Travel & Tourism representingthe the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels in the course ‘Friends of Tourism’ in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, the Jordan Tourism Board(JTB) and the Ministry of Education, at Ali Kholqi Al-Shrairi School/ Irbid. The course included giving lectures on tourism in Irbid province by Dr. MashaelKhasawneh, Director of Tourism of Irbid, tourism products in Jordan and the role of the JTB in the marketing of Jordan worldwide by Mr. Wael Al Rousan from the JTB. Ms. Fayzeh Al-Samadifrom the JTB, who is responsible for the programme of the ‘Friends of Tourism’, mentioned that the aim of the course is to create awarenessin the young generation, of our students in schools and universities to be ambassadors inside and outside Jordan to introduce the great impacts of tourism, economic, social, cultural and environmental. Al-Samadi also stressed the importance of educating the community about the dangers facing our tourist and archaeological sites from tampering, vandalism, waste disposal and fumigation. This course promotes the spirit of belonging to the soil of this country and preserve itsenvironmentto be clean and attractive to tourists to enjoy the beauty of Jordan. The course included a visit within the Yarmouk Tourist Track to the Dar Al Saraya Museum, the great Jordanian poet Arar Museum, Nabulsi House and Faoura Square. The conclusion was at Gadara archaeological site, where the certificates were distributed to the participants. Fifteen students from Ali Khalqi Al-Sharariri School were chosen to be friends of tourism and ambassadors of their homeland Jordan. Al-Smadi pointed out that the first ‘Friends of Tourism Conference’ will be held under Royal patronage in September 2018.


Monday, 30/10/2017