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International Accreditation for Tourism Management Program(TEDQUAL) at Yarmouk University

As the first Jordanian and second Bachelor program in the Middle East, the Department of Tourism and Travel at Yarmouk University receives the international accreditation from the World Tourism Organization (TEDQUAL), the highest international mark of quality given to tourism education institutions worldwide.

The Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Al-Shannaq said that the preparation for this accreditation that was lasted for three years is supported and funded by the U.S. Agency for international development in Jordan (USAID) .

Al-Shannaq said that the Agency's support included financial and technical support necessary for the reconstruction of faculty facilities and develop educational standards and enhance the methods of scientific research in the department and study plans of the program.

Dr. Areej Al-Oudat, Assistant Dean for Quality Assurance and Accreditation said that it was required three years to complete several actions and activities at the Department to reach this challenging achievement and the next challenge is continuing to keep this accreditation. She said that it is important to obtain the accreditation but the most important and difficult  is to renew it, and we are all confident and sure that the Department of Tourism and Travel at Yarmouk University is welling to keep this achievement to become a motivation for other departments sin the faculty and for otherfaculties in Yarmouk University.

Dr. Saad Al-Saad, Head of Tourism and Travel Department said thatobtaining such accreditation is a recognition of the quality of education in the Department in a global competitive level. He continues: we are proud to get this achievement which reflects the Department's commitment to teaching excellence and therefore enhance its position on the regional and international level.

Al-Saad said that the goal of the World Tourism Organization issuing this certificate is to urge tourism and hospitality education institutions to raise and improve the quality of their academic programs, where the certificate is granted after an assessment of the nature of the teaching and how this is linked with the needs of labour market in addition to theassessment of the quality of teaching staff, enrolled students and Alumni. Interviews with staff, students and graduates and their families, representatives from the tourism industry and the local community were conducted in the evaluation process.

For more details about Tedqual, please visit :

1. http://www2.unwto.org/

2. http://academy.unwto.org/

3. http://academy.unwto.org/content/institutions-unwtotedqual-certified-programmes