The faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management was established at Yarmouk University in the academic year 2011-2012 as part of the university orientation to make available the necessary qualified and specialized manpower that contributes to sustaining the economic and social development .It also aims at enhancing the tourism service quality  locally and regionally through a qualified and well trained pool of staff in the tourism sector , in an attempt to help in achieving the national tourism strategy objectives that aims at strengthening the achievements of the tourism sector and its competitiveness.

The Tourism Department offers an M.A in tourism which is considered as the only tourism graduate program in Jordan. The program started back in 1999 and contributes to supplying the local and regional markets with a qualified pool of candidates in the academic field as well as the tourism facilities and services. The department also offers a B.A in Tourism Guidance that started in 2006 in the Department of Tourism aiming at qualifying young pioneer tourist guides who are well qualified in both theortical and practical aspects of the speciality.

The first batch of students in the sppeciality of Hotel Management was admitted in the academic year 2011-2012 as a direct result of the vertical and horizontal expansion of hotels and hospitality facilities locally and regionally. It aims at meeting the ever increasing needs of the tourism services and facilities and the derived need for qualified manpower in the different hospitality fields in an attempt to enhance the image of Jordan as an attractive tourist destination and enhance developing tourism orientation and growth in the neighboring countries. The study plan is unique in focusing on foreign languages, and the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills necessary for employees to ensure a competitive quality of services to local and international guests.




The Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management seeks to offertop quality education in different areas of tourism and hospitality management and aspires to become one of the best centers specializing in tourism and hospitality in the region. The faculty has adopted an integrative and interactive educational system to encouragecreativity and entrepreneurshipand lead students towardexcellence.It encourages innovation and competitiveness and aims to produce highly skilled and well-qualified graduates that can meet the market needs, serve local communities, and reflect the academic excellence they achieved atYarmouk University.




The faculty is committed to the training of human resourcestoqualify for employment in the tourism and hospitality industries locally, regionally, and internationally in the fields of tourism management, tour guiding, and hospitality management. The faculty is also dedicated to give students a solid grasp of essential knowledge andskills to meet the general market needs and tostay on top of developments in the tourism sector. Further, it is keen on enhancing the image of Jordan as a global tourism destination and it encourages research in tourism and hospitality that addresses issues in the fields of tourism and hospitality.  The faculty supports fully all efforts by investors and decision-makersto achieve the goals of sustainable tourism.